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[Infinity Challenge] Come to an End after 12 Years Airing

[Infinity Challenge] Come to an End after 12 Years Airing


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MBC's popular variety program 'Infinity Challenge' will come to an end.

On March 7th, a press conference for MBC's new variety program, 'Omniscient Intervention with Time' (literal title) was held, and the staff of the broadcasting channel has confirmed that 'Infinity Challenge' will be ended soon. They announced, "The show ('Infinity Challenge') will air the last episode on the 31st. There will be likely a continuation of the program, and Choi Haengho will be the main producer for that." They continued, "We want to go with the current members, but it seems like everyone has their own thoughts. We are still discussing it."

When asked about the premiere of the new series, they answered, "We are still not sure about the program format. It might be continued with the second season, or we might come up with a brand new concept. We are still also in discussion for this."

Are you sad that 'Infinity Challenge' has come to an end, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertainment

Thumbnail Credit: MBC

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