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10 Girl Groups Who Slayed English Cover

10 Girl Groups Who Slayed English Cover


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    True queens can slay any language!

    We all know how hard it is to sing, let alone sing in a language that is not your native language. When people try to switch languages, they often encounter problems. They cannot hit the right notes, the words tend to mumble, or overall is just messy. Not for this queens, changing the language is like changing a channel. They can sing, and perform in any language. Here is a list of 10 of our favorite girl groups doing English covers.

    1. Girl on Fire (Alicia Keys) - Ailee

    Alicia Keys is not someone anyone can cover and do a fair job, that is unless your vocals are on the same level. Ailee’s vocals are one of the strongest in the Kpop industry for a solo artist. She has demonstrated over the years just how good she really is.

    2. Halo (Beyonce) - Hyorin

    Hyorin is known for her amazing vocals and her strong stage presence. On this practice video, she was able to show us exactly how strong her vocal her chords are!

    3. I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston) - Seulgi

    Whitney Houston is one of the greatest singers of all times, she has gone down in history for her many musical hits. People sometimes overlook and forget just how good of a singer Sulgi is. She is a good dancer, singer, performer, there is nothing she cannot do.

    4. Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars) - Ailee & Amber

    Ailee and Amber have been friends for as long as they have been on the Kpop industry. When they decided to combine their talent and do this masterpiece no one was opposed. This song keeps you going from beginning to end.

    5. Better In Time (Leona Lewis) - IU

    The Nation’s Little Sister never disappoints when she puts on a performance. We have all heard her high notes on her many songs, but there is something about her singing Leona Lewis that just pulls a new string on out heart.

    6. Poker Face (Lady Gaga) - Tiffany

    SNSD in 2010 did a stage where they performed some of the biggest hits of the moment, of all times. It all started with Tiffany showing her stable and powerful vocals while covering Lady Gaga. We cannot blame you if you are intrigued and finish the rest of the video.  They also perform Beyonce, Eurythmics, and even the Spice Girls.

    7. BANG BANG (Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj) - Hyorin, Jessie, and Ailee

    We have already mentioned the wonderful and powerful vocals of bot Hyorin and Ailee, but you might be wondering can it get better? The answer is, Yes! You add Jessie’s raspy rap, and now you have a song to listen at any time.

    8. Dancing Queen (ABBA) - SNSD

    Yeah, we know SNSD, twice in an article. Hear us out, they have been in the industry for so long, they have done some of the most amazing covers of English songs over the years. ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ is a classic by itself, SNSD singing it? It makes it almost anthem.

    9. BANG BANG (Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj) - Produce 101

    Okay, so we know they are technically not a band… BUT.. who can deny this is one of the best covers there is out there? The way that they came up with the perfect dance for the song, they were able to find the right rapping voices and the right singing voices. All of this plus their stage presence and facial expressions, it all makes it one of those videos you always go back to rewatch over and over again.

    10. Who You Are (Jessie J) - Wendy

    Wendy’s first language is English, but this does not automatically mean that she is good at singing English. There are plenty of idol’s who are better at singing in Korean than in English. This is not the case with Wendy, she slays both English and Korean songs. Her vocal abilities cross languages.

    Source: [Youtube] Maryam Ameer, Made In 0221, Interminable HD, Estefania Villa, 디바 효린, soneHD22, Angel Chuang, S'more kiss, Lovely Hyorin. [vimeo] Cho Htun

    Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@seulgiredvelvet', Pinterest '@GDinosaure', Twitter '@HyolynUpdates'

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