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10 Male Idols Who Might Be Able to Debut in a Girl Group... Because of Their Dance Covers

10 Male Idols Who Might Be Able to Debut in a Girl Group... Because of Their Dance Covers


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Reality shows give idols a chance to show off their talents or humor, and often that involves girl group dance covers!

For male idols, knowing some girl group dances is a sure way to gain some popularity and new fans. However, some are able to take it to another level with their talent in this area. Check out the list below for male idols who cover girl group dances so well, they could've debuted in one!

1. SHINee's Key

Image Source: GRAZIA

Key is respected for his talent in girl group dancing because of his confidence and seriousness when he takes the stage. 

2. BTS' JHope

Image Source: Billboard

JHope always makes his girl group dance covers extra fun with his own twist.

3. Super Junior's Heechul

Image Source: LAMP BULB

On variety shows when girl groups are asked to cover songs by different groups, Heechul often can't stay away. He joins them too and steals the show!

4. GOT7's Bambam

Image Source: BAMBIMYBOO

Bambam's excitement and quickness to start dancing when a girl group song comes on are enough to have us convinced he should've debuted in a girl group.

5. NU'EST's Ren

Image Source: STACCATO

Ren would easily qualify for a girl group because of his beautiful visual, but his talent for girl group dancing puts him on a whole different level.

6. INFINITE's Sungyeol

Image Source: The Star

After seeing Sungyeol cover 'Pick Me,' we were surprised he wasn't a member of I.O.I himself!

7. SF9's Jaeyoon

Image Source: topstarnews

Jaeyoon is not afraid to put some sass into his girl group dancing, which makes it both entertaining and impressive to watch.

8. PENTAGON's Kino

Image Source: opus#9

Kino was chosen by his fellow PENTAGON members to be the best at girl group dances, and he has definitely proved this to be true.

9. Wanna One's Daehwi

Image Source: SNOW FLAKE

Play any girl group song, and it's likely that Daehwi will know the dance to it!

10. NCT's Haechan

Image Source: anonymous H

Haechan is known to enjoy learning dance covers, so it's no wonder he's so good at dancing to girl groups!

Who do you think is the girl group dance cover king?

Source: [Youtube] BethskiiKpopUK, Trinh Ung, 9588, Leehwi -Wannable

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