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12 Idols Who Debuted at a Later Age Than Most

12 Idols Who Debuted at a Later Age Than Most


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These idols debuted a little bit later than most other idols.

For most groups, the typical age of the members when they debut is usually around 17-20, but for these idols, their debut age was much later. However, they didn't let their age stop them, as they dazzled us with their amazing talents and young looks. Check out the list below for 12 idols who debuted a later than most!

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1. Former After School members Kahi (28) and Jungah (25)

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Image Source: Instagram '@i_am_junga'

2. Wanna One's Yoon Jisung (26)

Image Source: Instagram '@wannaone.official'

3. Boys Republic's Onejunn (25)

Image Source: Instagram '@onejunn'

4. Former 2NE1 members Bom (25) and Dara (24)

Image Source: Instagram '@newharoobompark'

Image Source: Instagram '@daraxxi'

5. Girl's Day's Sojin (24)

Image Source: Instagram '@ssozi_sojin'

6. Golden Child's Daeyeol (24)

Image Source: Instagram '@official_gncd11'

7. Eric Nam (24)

Image Source: Instagram '@realericnam'

8. PENTAGON's Jinho (24)

Image Source: Instagram '@cube_ptg'

9. Former Miss A member Fei (23)

Image Source: Instagram '@ff0427'

10. Red Velvet's Irene (23)

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Although Daeyeol is one of the idols to debut at an older age, he's the most recent one to debut on this list! Check out his group Golden Child above!

Source: [Youtube] woolliment

Thumbnail Credit: OSEN, IS, 여름날의지성, Instagram '@daraxxi'

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