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26 Male Idols with Overflowing Visual Who Prove 1997 is Indeed a Golden Year

26 Male Idols with Overflowing Visual Who Prove 1997 is Indeed a Golden Year


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Thank God 1997 really happened.

Believe it or not, the year of ox is definitely the year when a lot (like, really, a lot) of male idols with outstanding visual were born. Some of them are iKON's Donghyuk, UNB/U-KISS' Jun, Rainz's Daehyun, NCT's Jaehyun, and more. You can check out the complete list below for all the male idols born in 1997 (listed based on their birthday).

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1. iKON's Kim Donghyuk (January 3rd)

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

2. UNB/U-KISS' Jun (January 22nd)

Image Source: Kimchi 

3. Rainz's Jang Daehyun (February 11th)

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

4. NCT's Jaehyun (February 14th) 

Image Source: darling hyun 

5. SEVENTEEN's DK (February 18th)

Image Source: Sugar Moon

6. Golden Child's Lee Jangjun (March 3rd)

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

7. Kwon Hyunbin (March 4th)

Image Source: Turning Light

8. ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo (March 30th)

Image Source: LOVESOME

9. iKON's Goo Junhoe (March 31st)

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

10. SEVENTEEN's Mingyu (April 6th)

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

11. Stray Kids' Woojin (April 8th)

Image Source: MILK

12. GOT7's Bambam (May 2nd)

Image Source: BISTHEB

13.The Boyz's Jacob (May 30th)


14. Jung Sewoon (May 31st)

Image Source: @miracle_sewoon

15. The Boyz's Younghoon (August 8th)

Image Source: ZERO GRAVITY

16. BTS' Jungkook (September 1st)

Image Source: JKONTOP

17. The Boyz's Hyunjae (September 13th)

Image Source: @miracle_sewoon

18. VICTON's Do Hanse (September 25th)

Image Source: SKYBLUE

19. Rainz' Hong Eunki (September 29th)


20. Stray Kids' Bangchan (October 3rd)

Image Source: Christal Clear

21. NCT's Winwin (October 28th)

Image Source: Nostalgia

22. SEVENTEEN's The8 (November 7th)

Image Source: MY SIRIUS SVT THE8

23. VICTON's Byungchan (November 12th)

Image Source: Smile Lad

24. GOT7's Yugyeom (November 17th)

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

25. UP10TION Gyujin (November 21st)

Image Source: PLANET X

26. UNB/A.C.E's Chan (November 31st)

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

Source: [Youtube] Korean Land

Thumbnail Credit: chocolate., DearDeer, DEARSUNNY, DPLACE

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