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2PM`s Junho Revealed How He Lost 7 Kg While Filming His Drama [Just Between Lovers]



Lee Junho of 2PM has indeed worked hard for his ongoing JTBC's drama 'Just Between Lovers.'

During the second press conference, Junho explained how he lost his weight while filming the drama. He said, "I think losing weight is a good thing for this drama because Kang Doo (his character in the drama) has trauma and illness. Because I have lost 7 kg, I ate much while filming the drama."

Image Source: JTBC

He continued, "In some parts of the drama, fans might think that I look a bit fatter. I maintain the weight and I ate only once a day, I lost my weight because I got stressed. I'm paying attention to those things."

The idol then also talked about how he enliven his character, Kang Doo, who is an introvert. He said, "I think it's not a hard thing. I just didn't talk to people, and I locked myself in my room. I also didn't go out. It helped me much."

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Drama


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