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4 Seconds of Baekhyun`s [Diamond] Stage Ending Shot was All It Took to Nail the Night



Baekhyun made sure he gave a fatal closure on stage and that's exactly what he did. 

The boys laid out a series of top-notch performance at the '32nd Golden Disk Awards' that was held on January 11th. Starting from the sexy 'The Eve' stage, they moved onto another heart stealing stage with 'Diamond,' performing this track for the first time in public. 

Baekhyun, who was the ending member for the stage had a full closeup camera shot, which he utilized it to the fullest. With the fatal gaze, to the breathy 'Shining shining' lyrics, Baekhyun made that 4 seconds rightfully his. 

Image Source: TV Naver '골든디스크 시상식' Screenshot

This 4 seconds of fatalness made it up on the real time trend immediately after the stage. 

Image Source: Twitter Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 7:08 mark in the video above!

Source: [TV NAVER] 골든디스크 시상식

Thumbnail Credit:  jjinPing, 미니트랩


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