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5 `Handsome` Girl Groups Who Nailed the Suit Look Ever Since

5 `Handsome` Girl Groups Who Nailed the Suit Look Ever Since


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These girl groups ruled with their handsomely done concept, in stylish suits. 

Concepts play a big part to one's comeback and that includes the style of outfits that a group will be putting on. Girl groups are mostly known with sexy, cute or lovely stage outfits that goes around the keyword, 'feminine.' However, there were, of course, some girl groups who took it another way with their concept and went for a handsome suit stage outfits, killing the look the right way. 

Check them out right below! 

1. CLC - Black Dress 

Image Source: Pinterest 

2. MAMAMOO - Décalcomanie

Image Source: MAMAMOO

3. Red Velvet - Be Natural

Image Source: Pinterest 

4. Girls' Generation - Mr.Mr.

Image Source: kaybop

5. KARA - Damaged Lady

Image Source: Pinterest

Source: [Youtube] Mnet Official 

Thumbnail Credit: Starduks, first 

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