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5 Female K-Pop Idols Who Can Sing Trot Like a Boss

5 Female K-Pop Idols Who Can Sing Trot Like a Boss


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These queens can slay us with their vocals!

Trot is a Korean style of music characterized for the constant changing in vocal notes, called inflections, and a repetitive rhythm. Here is a short list of K-pop idols who have perfect control of their vocal chords.

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Jihyo - TWICE

Image Source: Instagram '@jihyo.twice'

For the first competition of SIXTEEN, the participants had to show why they were meant to be tars. Jihyo showed an amazing performance of her singing trot. Her vocals are really outstanding.

Eunji - A Pink

Image Source: Instagram '@artist_eunji'

While she is known for her charming and amazing personality as part of A Pink, some people do not know that her vocals are also perfect for trot. She was able to sing trot with no forewarning.


Image Source: Instagram '@dlwlrma'

Korea's little sister is known for her 4 range high note. Did you know she is an amazing trot singer? Is there anything she can not do?

Soyeon - T-ARA

Image Source: Instagram '@melodysoyani'

T-ARA as a whole are known to be capable of singing trot like no other but our favorite without a doubt is Seyeon. The control she has over her vocal cords is breathtaking.

Solji - EXID

Image Source: Instagram '@heosoulg'

We have all been missing her vocals since she has been resting her voice, but that does not mean we have forgotten. On an episode of Weekly Idol, she was asked to do karaoke with Kang Kyung, and she slayed us all.


Bonus: Miss A

Image Source: namu.wiki

Back in 2010, Miss A did a special presentation as a group for the Chuseok special, and to say our jaws touch the floor would be an understatement.  Their vocal range is quite admirable and not to be forgotten.

Source: [Youtube] Royal Blue, Queen Eunji, heart Brave, Rian LeeJiHyung, Solji 솔지 EXID Vietnamese Fanpage, CbR80897productions

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@jihyo.twice', '@soljiexid_', '@dlwlrma"

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