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EXO Members` Solution to a `Stage-Sticky` Baekhyun



As long as the job is being done...

At the group's 'EXO'luXion in Dalian', the members gave their farewell greetings to EXOLs at the venue and slowly left the stage one by one. However, it doesn't seem like every member was ready to leave the stage. The adorable troublemaker of the group, Baekhyun laid flat on the floor, refusing to get up even after Suho's attempt to get him up. Suho gave up while Chen took over and dragged him by his legs off stage. Lay was leaving the stage too when he witnessed the scene and went over to help drag Baekhyun.

In the midst of all the hard work by his members, he was happily singing his song 'Dream' while being dragged backstage.

Watch the cheeky troublemaker being dragged off stage in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] be fluffy


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