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[Produce 101 Season 2] Releases New Fun Relay Selfcam Videos of Contestants!



Ahn Hyungseop, Lee Kwanghyun, and Kim Yehyun are the next for the show's relay selfcam series! 

Trainee Ahn Hyungseop firstly takes fans to their practice areas, interviewing fellow trainees. Not only Hyungseop, but Starship Entertainment's Lee Kwanghyun is also featured in the video. Kwanghyun recorded how trainees in the rap division having fun: Moonbook with his hilarious dance, Kim Taemin laying down with his funny face, and more. 

As for Kim Yehyun's selfcam, he shows how Yoo Sunho's could piano very well and how he has big appetite: eating 4 whole slices of pizza for himself! Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of the show will be aired at 11 P.M KST today. 

Check out their selfcam above to find out more!

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Source: [Youtube] Mnet Official  


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