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VIXX`s N Made a Pronunciation Mistake During a Concert



N thanked the staff for their hard work. 

During a concert on May 14th, N was going to thank his stylists. However the stylist and their fan club name (ST★RLIGHT) are pronounced similarly, he made a mistake, saying "I'd like to thank our staff in Jelly Fish. (VIXX's agency name) Even if we were not able to thank them for their hard work often, the reason why we can perform with these beautiful looks are attributed to our ST★RLIGHT, oh sorry." Hearing him, the fans and the other members burst into laugher. Honbin said, "Right, ST★RLIGHTs did all this." Then, N corrected his statement, "I appreciate our stylist team, hair and makeup team's efforts." 

You can watch the video above to see more! 

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Source: [Youtube] 으니 


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