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B.A.P Members Are Using All Sorts of Body Parts For Their `Touching` Game



Those parts...well...

B.A.P had a 'Meet&Greet' session with BABYs for their 'Rose' album release. In one of the segment, the members played a game titled, 'Touch my body', where a member was to be blindfolded and guess the member that he touched. 

First to guess was Daehyun and he was given Himchan's collarbone to touch but failed to guess the right member and actually excluded Himchan as one of his choices from the beginning. Youngjae's pinky finger was up next to be touched and Daehyun was able to get it right after adding, "This has quite a lot of sweat. This is 100% Youngjae."

Yongguk's butt, Zelo's knee, Himchan's elbow and his lips were also the parts used for the game!

Watch the game segment in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube]  Mwave


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