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Everyone Loved Taehyung`s Particular Way of Playing Basketball on a Past Broadcast



Taehyung showed how he enjoyed playing basketball in an arcade -- and it is totally a mood booster for ARMYs. 

On a past episode of 'BANGTANTV' Taehyung was playing the basketball game in an arcade. In the video, Taehyung is by himself playing the basketball game in the arcade. 

At first, Taehyung did well, earning scores quite easily. However, after the first round, it seemed like Taehyung ran out of energy, causing him to throw the balls aimlessly. Seeming a bit desperate to make some scores, Taehyung kept saying, "Lay up, lay up, lay up." Just before the game ended, he even adorably said, "Come on friend... Michael Jordan," which caused fans to flood him with tons of loving comments. 

You can watch the video above to find out more.

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Source: [Youtube] BANGTANTV  


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