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EXID`s LE Jokingly Blamed Hani for Tricking Junghwa Everyday



Hani made fun of her fellow member Junghwa. 

While getting makeup, Hani was asked what she is up to these days. To this, she answered, "I watched two musicals with my mom, 'Death Note,' and 'Chess.'" Hearing her, Junghwa misheard and asked, "Did you say 'Patrasche (A dog in an animation 'A Dog of Planders')'?"

In order to make fun of her, Hani said, "Yes, it was really fun." Junghwa asked again, "How do people act like a dog?" Then, Hani said that they can act like dog. Seeing them, LE said, "Junghwa, why are you fooled that often?" 

You can watch the video above to see more.

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Source: [Youtube] 하니 좋아하니? 

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