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Actor Ahn Hyoseop Impresses Fans with His Stellar Dance Cover of EXO`s [Growl]



Being an actor does not mean that Hyoseop could not dance well. 

On his May 18th appearance on 'Happy Together 3,' Ahn Hyoseop proved his ability to dance well. It turned out that he was once a trainee at JYP Entertainment, and almost debuted as an idol. When asked whether he is better in dancing or singing, he actually answered that he has more confident in singing. However, the MCs eventually insisted him to show some body moves.

With much hesitation, Hyoseop agreed to show some dances, and he picked EXO's 'Growl.' As soon as he performed in front of cameras, everyone in the set were surprised seeing how Hyoseop can dance really well with his overflowing power.

Seeing this, fans flooded him by praise through comments, such as "I didn't know that he can dance this well", "He should debut as an idol too, beside his career as an actor", "Seeing this make me believe that Hyoseop is the true bias wrecker", and more. Do you also like his performance? 

Check out Hyoseop's EXO dance cover above!

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Source: [NAVER TVCast] 해피 투게더 3


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