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7 Moments from [iKON TV] You can Really Relate to Your Life

7 Moments from [iKON TV] You can Really Relate to Your Life


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Idols, they're just like us!

iKON's reality show iKON TV has been a popular way for fans to see the humorous and real sides of the members. However, we've also discovered just how similar the members of iKON can be to us! Check out our favorite relatable moments with each of the iKON members below.

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1. When B.I got day drunk (Episode 2-1)

Image Source: Youtube 'iKON' Screenshot

What better way to end your midday hike than how B.I. does? With a cold can of beer.

2. Song's panic while working part-time (Episode 3-2)
Image Source: Youtube 'iKON' Screenshot

We've all been there, that stressful first day of work. Song showed our exact reactions when we had our first day of work, too!

3. When Jay had to clean up after the dogs he was taking care of (Episode 3-4)
Image Source: Youtube 'iKON' Screenshot

We can all agree that ALMOST everything about puppies are adorable. Everything except, as Jay likes to put it, their 'chocolates.'

4. Chan choosing to stay in and play video games (Episode 2-2)
Image Source: Youtube 'iKON' Screenshot

Even a cool idol like Chan would rather spend his day off in his room playing video games, or when forced to go out a PC cafe!

5. When Bobby teased the other members during their competitive bowling match (Episode 4-5)
Image Source: Youtube 'iKON' Screenshot

There's always something we're good at that we like to brag about. For Bobby, it was mocking the other team's pitiful bowling game while he boastfully led the "free-spirited" team.

6. DK's reaction during his hidden camera prank (Episode 7-3)
Image Source: Youtube 'iKON' Screenshot

Sometimes our friends play terrible pranks on us just to see our shocked reactions. DK's reaction to Jay's hidden camera prank is no exception.

7. When June got deep while staring out of the train window. (Episode 1-3)

Image Source: Youtube 'iKON' Screenshot

Admit it. We all do this. Staring out of the window and pretending you're in a music video is the best way to pass time on the road! June seems to agree.

Check out the video above to start watching iKON's reality show that'll have you laughing and saying, 'We've all been there too!'

Source: [Youtube] iKON
Thumbnail Credit: YG Entertainment

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