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9 Memes about Korea Every International Fangirl (and Fanboys) can Relate Easily



Being a fangirl or fanboy of K-pop and/or K-drama is definitely not an easy thing -- especially for those who are living outside South Korea. 

While fangirling and fanboying over idols, actors, and actresses often brings happiness to fans, there are also "painful" moments everyone cannot deny. Here, KStarLive has compiled 9 memes which every international fangirls and fanboys can relate. Check them out below! 

1. I don't know what you say but I love you

Image Source: Pinterest

2. When your mom knows you too well

Image Source: Mmidori31

3. Korean fans are the most loyal fans

Image Source: Tumblr

4. Long distance relationship

Image Source: Pinterest

5. OK, bye

Image Source: Pinterest

6. Please think twice before you ask, friends

Image Source: kpopcray

7. I am totally okay. I'm okay

Image Source: Instagram '@XIAOWU_LSM'

8. Don't mess with my bias!

Image Source: Pinterest

9. Watching concerts: watch live vs. live stream

Image Source: Pinterest

Meanwhile, you can also check out the video above for K-pop vine compilation.

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