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A 10 Years Old Track, BIGBANG`s [Haru Haru] Just Gets Better with Its Latest Version Performed at Their Recent Concert



This song goes down in history yet still one of the best ever in K-pop. 

'Haru Haru' is composed by the BIGBANG's leader, GDragon himself and was being released on August 8th back in 2008. If we could list the top few songs that brought K-Pop's name to the world, 'Haru Haru' is definitely not one to be missed out. 

The group performed this particular track at their latest concert which is also their last concert, 'BIGBANG Concert 2017 - Last Dance in Seoul' on December 31st. Rearrangement has been made to the original song and this concert version just delivers a sense of enchantment with it's softer accompaniment. 

Reaching its 10th year since release, this song still holds it sensational power that no one can put a finger on. Watch the stage in the video right above! 

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Source: [Youtube] MNN

Thumbnail Credit: Kangdot, Honey Jiyoung, B-side, Acetory


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