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A Boy Wrote Letter to BTS` Taehyung, He Replied Him... And It will Weaken Your Heart

A Boy Wrote Letter to BTS` Taehyung, He Replied Him... And It will Weaken Your Heart


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Taehyung personally wrote back a handwritten letter to one of ARMYs.

On May 13th, a letter from 9-year-old fanboy was circulating online. The letter has been garnering a lot of attention -- that it reached Taehyung himself.

Image Source: Instiz

The fanboy wrote, "To Taehyung hyung. Hello, my name is Yoon Jihoo and I’m nine years old. I'm your fan. I like the other hyungs too but I like you more. I had no friends. When people stare at me, I can't talk. When I go to school, I play in the hallways by myself before going into class. Then my mom introduced me to you. I listen to your songs, I watch 'Run! BTS,' and I follow your dance moves. I have now made a friend and I'm not alone anymore. Thank you for being my friend. My arm hurts so I'll write (another letter) later. Goodbye. Yoon Jihoo." The boy also drew Tata, Taehyung's BT21 character and wrote, "I wish Tata could smile."

As a reply, Taehyung also wrote a handwritten letter to him and uploaded it to BTS' official Twitter account. 

Image Source: Twitter '@BTS_twt'

Taehyung wrote, "Hi Jihoo, it's V hyung. Thanks for liking BTS. It's cute that you listen to our songs, watch 'Run! BTS,' and dance along. I will be your friend from now on so stay healthy, be happy, grow tall, and let's meet someday. My arm hurts too so I will write (more letter) later. Bye. Kim Taehyung." Taehyung also drew a smiling Tata, with the words, "Tata is smiling today."

How cute!

Source: [Youtube] ibighit

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