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A Pink Eunji`s Presence at 2018 S/S Seoul Fashion Week Made Fans Happy... Here`s Why



Jung Eunji walked the red carpet in such a pretty outfit. 

She put on a simple, not too expressive black and white outfit with a yellow dotted ribbon on her chest to give it a little twist. She looked so calm and poised at an event that is supposed to be very busy and confusing, and this news made fans glad because it shows how much of an experience celebrity Eunji now is. Doesn't she look elegant in the pictures below? 

정은지, 가슴에 단 노란왕리본! (2018 S/S헤라서울패션위크)

Image Source Above: 서경 Star 


Image Source: 10 Asia 

Watch the video above for more! 

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Source: [Youtube] Xsports News 

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