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ARMYs are All Excited to See BTS` Dance on Youtube`s Special [Rewind] for the Best Moments of 2017



ARMYs have found something special on Youtube's video of 2017: BTS' dance! 

On December 7th, Youtube release 'Youtube Rewind,' a special video to reminisce big things happened in 2017. From 2017 viral song 'Despacito,' to everyone's favorite Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You,' to the heart-wrenching terror at Ariana Grande's concert, are all included in the video. However, for K-pop fans, especially ARMYs, one part of the video has stolen their attention.

Image Source: Youtube 'YouTube Spotlight' Screenshot

On the video, there is a scene where a group of people having party at the rooftop, dancing to upbeat dance tracks. Among ther dance moves, one part shows a move which can be also found in BTS' 'Go Go'! Although no any K-pop song played in the background, seeing the dance of the boys might be more than enough for fans! 

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Source: [Youtube] YouTube Spotlight

Thumbnail Credit: taetae.co.kr

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