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ASTRO`s Moonbin was Flustered Upon Smelling a Particular Padding Jacket



It was not what he expected. 

ASTRO had a 'Special Sunday' event with their fans and Moonbin who is known to have good nose was put to test on that day. The members brought out their padding jackets which has been labelled with their names for Moonbin to recognize who does the padding jackets belong to. 

When Moonbin had his jacket passed to him and he was immediately able to recognize the barbecue meat smell that was in it.

Image Source: Youtube '별콩누나' Screenshot 

He pointed out that it was Rocky's because they both went to had some barbecue meat a few days ago. After countless times of smelling, he lastly decided on Rocky's but it turned out to be his padding jacket instead. 

Watch the moment starting from the 1:28 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 별콩누나

Thumbnail Credit: Maybin, Moonbining


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