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ASTRO`s Sanha Took His Fans` Breath Away with an Unexpected Styling



Sanha is nailing that new look. 

Sanha has recently became the endorsement model for a gadgets specialized bag brand, Targus along with Weki Meki's Lucy. Both model had their first pictorial for the brand and especially Sanha's pictorial definitely took fans by surprised. 

Image Source: 민중의소리

Image Source: NewsWire

Unlike his bright and colorful image, Sanha put on a handsome set of suit with a matte make-up that rounded up the whole look with a cool aura. Fans expressed their surprise and left comments like, "Is that you Sanha??," "Our baby has grown up so fast...," "I barely can recognized him!" and etc. 

How's the cool and gentleman Sanha for a change?

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Source: [Youtube] 스노우드롭

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