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Actor Sunghoon is Confirmed for the Second Season of Drama [The Sound of Your Heart]



Actor Sunghoon has been confirmed for the main role of the second season of drama 'The Sound of Your Heart' 

On October 26th, Sports Donga reported that the actor will take the role of Joseok, a comic artist who have peculiar family members and struggle a lot with his tough career. 'The Sound of Your Heart' is a drama based on webtoon with the same title. The first season stars Lee Kwangsoo as the main role, and it had been receiving much love from domestic and international fans. With Sunghoon as the new main lead, a lot of fans highly anticipate for the drama's second season.

Are you looking forward for the second season of the drama, people? 

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Source: [Youtube] KINGKONG by STARSHIP


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