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Actress Song Hayoon Confirmed for Upcoming Drama [Devilish Joy]

Actress Song Hayoon Confirmed for Upcoming Drama [Devilish Joy]


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Song Hayoon will make a comeback through a new drama.

On May 17th, a representative of her agency, JYP Entertainment, told media, "Song Hayoon has been confirmed for the lead role of upcoming drama 'Devilish Joy.'"

'Devilish Joy' focuses on the story of Gong Masung (played by Choi Jinhyuk), who is a successor to the Sunwoo company. Life seems to be going well until he gets into a car accident while trying to help a woman. Since then, he suffers from memory loss where his memory lasts only a day. Every night before bed, he writes notes about what happened to him that day and the next morning he memorizes everything that happened. Gong Masung then meets Joo Kibeum (played by Song Hayoon), a formerly well-known actress, and falls in love.

The drama remarks Song Hayoon's comeback in almost a year after her role as Baek Sulhee on KBS' 'Fight for My Way' in July 2017. 

Source: [Youtube] KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

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