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Almost 2 Decades have Passed, Here`s What the Main Cast of [Autumn in My Heart] Look Like Now

Almost 2 Decades have Passed, Here`s What the Main Cast of [Autumn in My Heart] Look Like Now


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Do you remember the hit drama 'Autumn in My Heart'?

Yes, most of Korean drama lovers must have watched the legendary drama aired back in 2000. Featuring Song Hyekyo, Song Seungheon, and Won Bin as the main characters, the drama has been receiving much love from viewers. It has been 18 years since the drama ended and, of course, a lot of things have happened. Here's what the cast members look like now! 

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Song Seungheon 

Image Source: Instiz

Image Source: ARENA

Song Seungheon played the role of Yoon Joonsuh, an ideal man who loves his girl with all of his heart. Song Seungheon has been actively working on various projects, including dramas, films, and CFs since the end of drama 'Autumn in My Heart.' 

Song Hyekyo

Image Source: Instiz

Image Source: Instiz

Even after 18 years, Song Hyekyo stays beautiful and popular among fans. We definitely don't need to explain many things about Song Hyekyo, as you still can catch up with her through her projects, including 'Hotelier,' 'Full House,' 'That Winter, the Wind Blows,' 'Descendants of the Sun,' and more. 

Won Bin 

Image Source: Instiz

Image Source: ELLE

Just like Song Seungheon and Song Hyekyo, Won Bin is also still active in the entertainment industry. Even after his marriage with Lee Nayoung, Won Bin is still high in demands, being featured in various projects. 

Choi Woohyuk

Image Source: Nemopan

Image Source: 연예투데이

Choi Woohyuk might be the one who surprises you the most with his change. Back then, he was only 15 years old, playing the role of young Yoon Joonsuh. He has now grown up to a handsome man. Choi Woohyuk is still active as an actor, being featured in 'Empress Chun Chu,' 'Yeonnam-dong 539,' and more. 

Moon Geunyoung

Image Source: Instiz

Image Source: The Qoo

Moon Geunyoung is also still active as an actress. She played as the young Choi Eunsuh (Song Hyekyo) in the drama -- and just like that, she has been growing up well since then.

Han Chaeyoung

Image Source: SBS

Image Source: TV REPORT

Han Chaeyoung gained much recognition as the antagonist in the drama. Since then, she got wider prominence through her remarkable character in 'Delightful Girl Choonhyang,' 'Only You,' 'Fireworks,' 'Boys Over Flowers,' 'Pretty Man,' and more. Han Chaeyoung is also active in variety shows.

Lee Aejung

Image Source: Daum TV

Image Source: sohu.com

Lee Aejung played the role of young Yoon Shinae (Han Chaeyoung). Unfortunately, the talented actress died on September 6th, 2007 after fighting with her brain tumor. 

Source: [Youtube] JongDuck Park

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