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Amber`s Trip to New York with Model Irene was an Unexpected One?

Amber`s Trip to New York with Model Irene was an Unexpected One?


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Amber was informed only two days prior to the trip.

Amber arrived at Hi Studio where model Irene was already there waiting for her with a staff at a table. Irene went in slow with the topic but has already got Amber a little cautious of what was about to come out from this. 

The staff explained how Irene has travels worldwide to different countries and with that she would like to do a program with her going on a trip with a friend.

Staff: "Irene said that she would like to go with Amber...."

Amber: "Me?"

Irene: "Of course!"

Amber: "It's such an honor!"

Image Source: V Live 'SMTOWN' Screenshot

After the information sinks in, it came upon that Amber that she has no details about the trip yet.

Amber: "Where are we going? When? To where? How...?"

Irene: "This Wednesday! New York! Surprise...!" 

Image Source: V Live 'SMTOWN' Screenshot

Amber was flustered and started looking around for her manager which was no where to be seen. 

And that was how 'IreneXAmber New York Story' all started! Watch the first episode of this exciting trip in the video above! 

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Source: [V LIVE] SMTOWN 

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