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B.A.P`s Himchan Had the Time of His Life Imitating a Drunk Jongup



Himchan impressed with his imitation of a drunk Jongup.

Coming to the end of a broadcast, Himchan offered, "It was an enjoyable time, to end it! I will show you an imitation of Jongup when he is drunk."

He went, "When Jongup gets drunk, he won't be able to talk and would push his lips forward." Daehyun joined in and went, "Ah Jongup-ah! Pull yourselves together!" 

Image Source: Youtube '에픽체리' Screenshot

Himchan who stayed in his drunk Jongup character went, "Hyung...I am fine..."

Image Source: Youtube '에픽체리' Screenshot

Watch the imitation in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 에픽체리

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