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B.A.P`s Yongguk was Proud to Show His Sexy Charm with SHINee`s Taemin`s [MOVE]



Yongguk made BABYs screamed with his dance to Taemin's 'MOVE.'

B.A.P kicks off their "2017 World Tour 'Party Baby'" in Seoul on October 28th and 29th. On the show on October 29th, they decided to do show something different by getting the leader to dance. He quickly waved off with a smile but eventually didn't got away with it. 

The moment he positioned himself, ready for the dance, SHINee's Taemin's latest release, 'MOVE' came on. On top the sensational song, what actually shocked BABYs was seeing the leader dancing to the song with the accurate dance move. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Lolchae2017' Screenshot

Watch the fancam right above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Lolchae2017

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