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BIGBANG GDragon`s Recent Live Broadcast Shows What He Really Looks Like in Real Life



In real life, GDragon is a "human" after all.

On October 18th, the singer took to his personal Instagram account to do a live broadcast. He looks quite different with the usual GDragon we all know. The BIGBANG leader looked all comfortable with his black beanie and bomber jacket. He also did not shave and confidently show his mustache in front of the camera. 

Image Source: Dispacth 

During the live broadcast, fans also asked about his mustache, and he replied, "It's not that I intentionally grow my mustache, but I am to lazy (to shave)." When several fans expressed that they don't really like the mustache, GDragon coolly said, "Then what should I do if you don't like it?"

Image Source: Dispacth 

Check out the video above to find out more on GDragon's recent live broadcast!

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