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BTOB`s Sungjae Demonstrates How He Would React If His Parents Saw Him On a Date



Sungjae showed his immediate reaction if he encounters his parents while on a date. 

The boys were at their Ceci Korea magazine pictorial shooting site when Hyungsik decided to interview their fellow maknae. Hyungsik gave Sungjae a situation question asking, "What will you do if you come across with your mother while holding hands with your girlfriend on a date?" 

Sungjae responded, "Ah(letting go of his girlfriend's hand)! Mom!" but later added, "My mother is really generous so if I have a girlfriend, I will tell my mother."

Image Source: Youtube '이면6러브' Screenshot

Hyungsik threw him another situation question asking, "Then what if you met your father while you are hugging your girlfriend?" Immediately, Sungjae's expression turned startled and went, "(removing his hands)Ah! Dad!" 

Image Source: Youtube '이면6러브' Screenshot

Watch the moment starting from the 0:46 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 이면6러브

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