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BTOB`s Sungjae Personally Explains the Sign Language Idea in [Missing You]`s Choreography



The idea on a plane happened on a pla.

Behind their recording for Show Champion, Sungjae had a small sharing session about the sign language idea that was included in their choreography this time. 

He shared, 

"First of all, its my idea. I was at the airport in a plane before the plane took offthinking about what kind of choreography would be good to express 'Missing You.' The word 'missing you' itself is lyrical and gives off a vague feeling so I thought, "How would it be if its was expressed in sign language...?"and went to search for it. As I was searching for it, the sign language for 'missing you' is just nice a beautiful hand gesture. Thinking that it was okay, I came up with the idea."

Image Source: Youtube 'M2' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 1:23 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Zhala _6

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