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BTOB`s Sungjae Proved That He has His Hyungs in His Hands at a Recent Concert



Sungjae got his hyungs to follow instructions very closely. 

BTOB had their 'BTOB Time' concert on December 23rd. Sungjae was having his serious talk as he explained their stages and thanked their fans. He followed with a deep bow and when he realized that he was the only one bowing, he gestured for Eunkwang to bow too.

Image Source: Youtube 'Lutashu' Screenshot 

Eunkwang immediately bowed as well and the remaining members who saw it, followed and bow along too. What they didn't expect was for Sungjae to go for a grand bow. Without any words spoken, they went down for the bow too. 

Watch the moment in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] Lutashu

Thumbnail Credit: sparkle sub


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