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BTS` Rap Monster Announced His New Stage Name

BTS` Rap Monster Announced His New Stage Name


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BTS' Rap Monster has officially changed his stage name.

On  November 13th, the leader of the group took to BTS' official fan cafe and announced that he will be no longer 'Rap Monster,' but 'RM' instead. The full announcement reads as follows.


Among all writings, this letter is the most uneasy for me to start. 

Since 2012, I've been promoting with the name Rap Monster for the past 5 years. It's a stage name our agency and members called me by naturally due to a line I wrote when I was a trainee. I also think I've become very fond of it. 

However, the name 'Rap Monster' was kind of long to use during promotions and I felt that it's getting more and more distant from the music I've done for the past 5 years and the music I want to show from now on. 

I also casually tend to introduce myself as Rap Mon or RM instead of my full name, Rap Monster. Therefore, I plan to change my stage name to 'RM,' which has a broader spectrum and also more appropriate for the music I want to pursue. 

I believe fans might've already known because I've released some music and mixtapes as RM. I've thought hard about this for a long time as I want to do music with an open heart and perspective without getting tied down to anything. 

It might be awkward and unfamiliar since I'm changing the stage name I've used since debut but I will greatly appreciate if you can welcome me starting fresh with the new name. 

Thank you!"

So, say hello to RM, people!

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