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BTS Gives Advice on How to Persuade Your Parents to Let You Go to Their Concert



BTS has shared their useful tips for convincing your parents to let you meet them in their concert. 

During an interview with 'Ask Anything Chat,' where fans could send their questions directly to the boys, BTS gave tips for fans to persuade their parents so that they can go to BTS' tour. The question came from a fan named Katie, which reads, "If you were in the shoes of a BTS fan in America, how would you convince your parents to let you go to see BTS during the tour in America?"

Suga started to answer the question by saying that he doesn't understand why parents won't let their children go to the concert because he thinks that it's such a cultural enhancing. RM and Jimin then said the possibility that the parents might prohibit their children to go to the concert because of study and distance to the concert venue. 

Suga then emphasize his answer, saying, "I would buy my parents' tickets and go to the concert with them." Adding the reason, Jin explained that the concert is opened for all ages, since they have also found wide variety of generation during their concerts. To conclude, RM said, "First, I would let them know more about Korea and said that BTS might not come back to America next year." 

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Source: [Youtube] AskAnythingChat

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