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BTS Left Special Message to ARMYs after Taking Home Daesang at [32nd Golden Disc Awards]



BTS delivered their love to fans in a special live broadcast, right after '32nd Golden Disc Awards.'

On January 11th, the boy group managed to take home the grand prize at the second day of the annual awards ceremony. Although they have mentioned ARMYs and thanking them for always showing love to their works, the boys decided to go live on 'V LIVE' to express their sincere feelings towards fans. 

Jimin started the broadcast with, "I thank you and congratulations to you." The boys then took turns to say the words they could not say on the stage. Suga said, "I thought that we would not take home the awards, so I kept telling myself that I should not expect anything." 

Image Source: V LIVE 'BTS' Screenshot

On the other hand, maknae Jungkook said that he actually expected to take home the awards. Jin agreed and explained, "I think it's because ARMYs keep listening to our music." Taehyung then said that he also expected it, while RM was not sure whether he expected the award or not. 

What is interesting, Jungkook said that he is currently preparing a song for ARMYs! However, when RM asked him whether or not he is serious, Jungkook only answered it with a smile. It seems like fans have to wait a little bit more for Jungkook's song to ARMY... 

Source: [V LIVE] BTS


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