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Best Looks of TWICE Members... with Animal Ears

Best Looks of TWICE Members... with Animal Ears


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TWICE members with animal ears are just perfect.

TWICE is set to release their new album, 'Dance The Night Away' on July 9th at 6 P.M KST -- they released the teaser on July 2nd. We are so excited that we decided to pick the cutest pictures of the TWICE members wearing animal ears. Hey, don't blame us if you end up setting them as your wallpaper. Let's cheer TWICE together!

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1. Sana

Image Source: Pinterest 'Twice Studio'

2. Dahyun

Image Source: Pinterest 'Pinapple Galaxy'

3. Jihyo

Image Source: Pinterest 'Nikita'

4. Mina

Image Source: NineOgal

5. Nayeon

Image Source: Twitter 'TWICE_ADVANCE'

6. Chaeyoung

Image Source: Pinterest 'won.bebe'

7. Tzuyu

Image Source: Lyri

8. Jeongyeon

Image Source: Instagram 'suzyholic_16'

9. Momo

Image Source: Instagram 'Ash3070'

Source: [Youtube] jypentertainment


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