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Big Hit Changed Strategy for BTS: From Daily Teaser Release to Hourly Release



Big Hit Entertainment surely does not disappoint fans. 

It seems like Big Hit Entertainment has a new strategy for their boys! Unlike the usual, on August 11th, the agency updated fans with 5 different individual posters of the members. With only one hour spare between two teasers, fans were definitely excited to see the paced-up teaser release. It was started with Suga, Jimin, Rap Monster, Taehyung, JHope, and ended with eldest hyung, Jin -- Jungkook's poster was released on the day before. Each of the poster also contain beautiful phrase coming along with the artistic photos. 

Image Source: Instagram 'bts.bighitofficial'

"Don't get closer, you will be miserable."

Image Source: Instagram 'bts.bighitofficial'

"I lied because there's no way someone like me could be loved."

Image Source: Instagram 'bts.bighitofficial'

"It's not the right time, so I'll just look at you from afar behind you."

Image Source: Instagram 'bts.bighitofficial'

"If I had made a different choice, wouldn't they have gone?"

Image Source: Instagram 'bts.bighitofficial'

"If you can shine, I am okay."

Image Source: Instagram 'bts.bighitofficial'

"If the time could go back, I wish I could be the best man in the world."

So, have you prepared your heart for the boys comeback? 

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Source: [Youtube] ibighit

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