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Called Seungri as `Fat Panda,` He Noticed Her... Now She Apologizes for What She Did

Called Seungri as `Fat Panda,` He Noticed Her... Now She Apologizes for What She Did


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The fan has eventually sent an apology message to Seungri.

On April 18th, BIGBANG's Seungri did a live broadcast on Instagram. As usual, thousands of fans were tuning in and sending him a lot of comments. Among them, one fan called Seungri a 'fat panda,' and the idol happened to read it. He then said, "Don't call me fat panda. I'm not that fat. You guys call me fat panda, so I'm going to stop eating."

Needless to say, VIPs are furious at the fan, who later revealed herself as Rayna Theresia. To express her regret, the fan wrote an apology and addressed it personally to Seungri. She wrote,

"Dear Seungri and VIPs,

So hi, I'm Rayna Theresia, want to apologize about the mess I made because of my annoying habits. I admit my mistakes for what I've done. I didn't mean "Fat Panda" to Seungri like he really a fat panda. He's forever gorgeous, and we all know that. I was so silly for commented such a joke like that.

I was literally typing "Hehe, just kiddin, I love you." After that "Fat Panda" comment, when he was Live on Instagram.

But shit happened. My connection was lost before I could send another comment, and I thought Seungri already read my first comment and yeah he immediately think he should stop eating. I hate myself and feel so bad for making him think that way.

I love Seungri. I love him so much. I hope he keeps doing what he loves and eats good foods as many as he could.

I really am sorry. I hope everyone could take this as a learning experience and I also hope I could doing better in the future. I promise I'd never being so childish and do this again. I would never.

I hope you all can understand, and forgive me. Thank you.

Sincerely, Rayna."

What do you think about this issue, people?

Source: [Youtube] yellow mist

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