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Chanyeol Talks About His Style of Music and Fashion in [Tommy Hilfiger]`s HEADLINERS Clip



Tommy Hilfiger's favorite, EXO's Chanyeol shares his thoughts on his style of music and fashion.

Chanyeol shared,

"It wasn't an intention for me to make happy music, but by just putting in those that I have made gives off a sense of happiness itself. I would produce an album that includes my life that I have lived up till now, even though I have not been living that long, the things I experienced as I am working on my music as well as those that occurred in my daily life."

Image Source: Twitter 'weareoneEXO'

Regarding his own fashion style the member shared,

"There isn't much variety with my style. Its really simple and comfortable. Somehow with my comfortable preference; comfortable things, clothes are comfortable to wear and music that are comfortable to listen."

Watch the aesthetic clip in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Tommy Hilfiger


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