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Chen Shared the Reason Why He Left the Front of Their Concert Hoodie Blank



Chen participated in their concert's merchandises designing. 

Baekhyun jokingly said that Chen designed their concert hoodie with the front left blank so that EXOLs can wear it anywhere without it being obvious that they are a fan of them.

Chen took the chance to clear the misunderstanding as he said, "There isn't anything on the front(of the hoodie)right? I was hoping that you guys would fill it up as you wish, that's why I left it empty. I hope that you guys can fill it with your own characteristic." 

Image Source: Twitter '립스테일'

Chen and Baekhyun were wearing their concert hoodie on the moving cart in the image above. Other than the album names and it release dates, the hoodie was just a simple black zipper hoodie that EXOLs can fill up bit by bit with their own colors. 

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Source: [Youtube] Andi Ahmad Nuchin @AndiAhmad_07

Thumbnail credit: 쿠잉 첸, BUNNY

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