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Concert Practice Video of NU`EST W Revealed at Their Concert in Taiwan Triggered Indescribable Emotions



This practice video showed more than its title intended. 

NU'EST W members met Taiwan LOㅅEs at their first special concert in Taiwan that was held on October 29th. All the hard work behind those cool stages were being shown through a practice video. LOㅅEs could see the sweat, the focus the members put in for this special day as well as the goofiness that could be found within. 

Along with a meaningful message that appeared in the video, this clip could be said to be one for the memories. 

"Even though there were times we felt so tired that we wanted to give up, the LOㅅEs who are here now are the ones who lifted us up."

Watch the clip in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 최민기넘나좋아

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