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D.O`s Impromptu Ad-lib He Did with His Hair Brought Endless Laughter During Their Concert



D.O can be serious and humorous at the same time. 

D.O did an ad-lib with the adorable shaved hair. At the part where the lyrics went, "Slightly sweep up your hair..." in one of their song, 'Touch it,' D.O naturally sweep up his hair and later acted out a frown as he looked at his hands.

Image Source: Youtube 'BXSTEO' Screenshot 

Seeming trying to show that he has no hair to sweep hair, he later let out a smile that also brought endless laughter to the whole scene. 

Watch the moment at the 0:18 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] BXSTEO

Thumbnail Credit: Sabor a D.O., 마지막조각

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