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EXOLs Praised for Their Huge Support for Super Junior`s Stage at the [Golden Disk Awards]



EXOLs made sure Super Junior got the fan chants they deserved. 

Super Junior was not included in the line up announced before the ticketing therefore no ELFs were able to be at the award event scene to support their idol. EXOLs spread the word around a day before the event for them to do the fan chants and show as much support as they can for Super Junior as a request from ELFS who couldn't attend. 

Fan chants were seen spread by EXOLs on Twitter the night before the event.

Image Source: eunhaello

On the day itself, EXOLs were also seen checking their phones during the stages for the fan chants and cheered really loudly when Super Junior received their awards.

Source: [Youtube] Hartatik Kim

Thumbnail Credit: eunhae2hearts


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