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Everyone has Fallen in Love with This One Contestant of [The Unit] for His Strong Resemblance with Lee Minho



This contestant has been a strong candidate in 'The Unit' for his Lee Minho-ish face! 

Among hundreds of contestant participating in the idol rebooting program, one contestant named Taeeun, manages to stand out and wins fans as well as mentors' heart. Taeeun was born in 2000, and he is the leader of boy group IM. Currently, Taeeun has a nickname "idol version of Lee Minho," and he has become such a hot topic in both Korean and international online communities. 

Image Source: KBS 

Image Source: Instiz

What makes people love him even more is no other than his skills. Through the survival program, his abilities to dance, sing, and rap have been exposed.

Check out the fancam above and let us know what you think about IM's Taeeun! 

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Source: [Youtube] HIDDEN TRACK

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