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FNC Entertainment Releases Statements about Jung Yonghwa, They Say to Believe in the Singer

FNC Entertainment Releases Statements about Jung Yonghwa, They Say to Believe in the Singer


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FNC Entertainment updates Jung Yonghwa fans with a new statement.

On February 5th, the agency released a lengthy statement regarding Jung Yonghwa's recent university scandal and military enlistment this March 5th. The agency also apologized to international fans for that Jung Yonghwa could not complete his world tour due to his impending military service. You can read the full announcement below. 

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

We thank fans who have always loved and supported our artists.

We want to sincerely apologize to all the fans who have been hurt because of the various negative things around Jung Yonghwa recently.

No matter the reason is, we feel a heavy responsibility for not being able to systematically support and protect our artist.

We are always open to complaints, corrections, and demands.

We are currently looking for a strict response to all the continuous reports we are getting about false reports as well as hate comments on Jung Yonghwa.

Currently, there are no results, so we ask for your understanding on that.

There will be a chance in the future to relay the progression.

We have also changed the people responsible for our company's call center and the related complaints.

It is unfortunate that Jung Yonghwa had to enlist before his various international schedules, as well as not being able to talk to or greet domestic and international fans. However, even though it was for a short time, it was a decision that both the label and the artist came to after considering various situations. We believe there will be a time when we can talk about everything in detail.

We will update you on ways that Jung Yonghwa will greet domestic and international fans who were thrown into chaos due to this decision.

Also, the label will strictly follow rules and communicate more openly with fans so the artist can show their full potential and so we can give back the fans' trust and love.

We will strengthen the system to protect and support our artist, and strictly manage our internal staff.

We will take stronger, stricter, and more active legal action against those leaving hate comments to our label's artists, as well as those spreading false information.

Our label employees respect the talent that Yonghwa has as an artist, as well as his hard work and sincerity. We will continue to believe in him. We will lean on one another as the staff that works with him, and as the coworker and fan who has watched over him and win over this difficulty.

We apologize once again for disappointing and hurting fans.

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)

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