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FTISLAND Members Perform Perfectly Even with Positions Switched



Just how talented are the members?

FTISLAND members guested on 'Yoo Heeyeol's Sketchbook' with their latest release on June 11th. The group prepared a totally different performance for their guesting by performing with lined up instruments and also with their band positions switched. 

Image Source: Youtube '음악창고' Screenshot

Hongki who has always been the face of FTISLAND as the vocalist of the band moved to the drums while their drummer, Minhwan takes on the acoustic guitar. The other guitarist, Seunghyun takes on the keyboard and lastly, the sub vocal who is also the group's bassist lands himself on the vocals. 

Image Source: Youtube '음악창고' Screenshot

The group performed one of their hit tracks, 'Severely' flawlessly with Jaejin's amazing smooth vocals as well as the playing of every single multi-talented members.

Image Source: Youtube '음악창고' Screenshot

Watch the performance in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 음악창고

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