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FTISLAND`s Hongki`s Asked Yoo Heeyeol a Question He Couldn't Answer



What did Hongki ask?

Yoo Heeyeol asked Hongki who is currently a radio DJ, "If I were to appear on Hongki's radio as a guest, what would you want to ask(me)? Anything! Honestly!"

Image Source: Youtube '음악창고' Screenshot

The vocalist said, "Actually, my 'Love Sick' album has been released after remaking not long ago. I got to sing it with Kim Nayoung. Honestly, more than a duet, I wanted to sing it with a guy. I asked Jung Seunghwan who is a fixed guest from the same radio program, but it didn't turn out well...So I wanted to ask...He could have helped me...!"

Image Source: Youtube '음악창고' Screenshot

MC Yoo Heeyeol, being the CEO of Antenna Music which Jung Seunghwan belongs to could only laugh. He said, "Why did Seunghwan do that...?" only to skip the question and move on to the next segment, leaving the members completely flustered.

Image Source: Youtube '음악창고' Screenshot

How would the remake version of 'Love Sick' turn out to be then? Watch the moment in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] 음악창고

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