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Fan Told NCT`s Jaehyun She Couldn`t Get a Boyfriend Because of Him and His Respond Left Everyone Speechless



Jaehyun asked her to only like him. 

At an event in Japan, a fan was in tears when she got picked to ask the question she wanted to ask Jaehyun. She asked, "I like Jaehyun so much that I can't get a boyfriend. What should I do?" 

Jaehyun smiled and calmly gave his reply by starting off with, "Firstly, do stop those tears...Because there's no other guys that is like me so just like me." His members were speechless at first before praising his coolness. Despite the direct reply he gave, Jaehyun could be seen feeling shy after saying them. 

Watch the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 얀 Yann

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